Curated Marketing

Hand-picked audiences to grow you business. 

  • Conquest Competitors
  • Improve Loyalty
  • Predictive Movers 
  • Household and Social Influences 

Your go-to marketing team.

Think of us as your on call marketing support team with proven solutions for your business’s growth goals. Rooted in client satisfaction, our team curates the optimal marketing mix for any budget. Take the guess work out of your marketing with our reliable and measureable programs.

Digital Carrier Routes

Supercharge your saturation mail with a digital complimenter with targeting at a postal carrier route level. 


New customers are awesome. They’re even sweeter when you capture them! Using geo-location data to acquire new customers from complimenting and competitive businesses.

Predictive Movers

Top-funnel marketing and client acquisition for real estate brokers and lenders. Online and offline triggers estimates when someone is likely to need a professional to help with home buying.

Simple, Clean, & Savvy

We remove the noise you’re used to from typical marketing partners.

Curated Marketing

Marketing technology solutions for businesses looking to supercharge their growth, attract and win new customer and client for life. 

Predictive Movers

Connecting those considering a move with real estate and lending solutions.

Conquest and complimentary targeting

New customers are great. Winning them from your competitors is even better. 

Digital Carrier Routes

Supercharge your direct mail campaigns with digital overlay to all devices in your target households.

Loyalty Ads

Engage with your anonymous foot traffic to increase loyalty and repeat patrons.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to providing quality service and leading edge solutions for our advertisers.

Quality Products. Fair Costs.

Digital Pointes is the perfect partner to super charge your marketing mix. We provide excellent services at fair rates to ensure our advertisers never sacrifice their media mix.

Data Security

Digital Pointes maintains secure protocols for any first-party data received. 

Hassle free always

Our clients have enough to do. At digital Pointes, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with.


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Working with us is simple.

We take the time to really understand your business, goals, and key success factors. Then we build a custom program that is the right fit.